SENA Emphasizes on Real Image of “MADE FROM HER”, Releasing New Series of Commercial Movie, “The Real Developer”


SENA emphasizes on the real image of “MADE FROM HER”. Recently, it has released a new series of commercial movie, “The Real Developer”, to improve 8 new quality detailed projects. It penetrates products-services to meet needs of customers covering all segments. In addition, a special and undeniable deal of the year “MADE FROM HER DAY” is offered. D-Day is from September 26 to October 20, 2019. 

Asst. Prof. Dr. Kessara Thanyalakphak, the Deputy Chief Executive Officer of SENA Development (Public) Company Limited (SENA) revealed that, in 2018, SENA had applied the strategy to encourage and create awareness of the development of housing projects under the corporate philosophy of “Customer Trust is Our Pride”. This was because housing was regarded as the most valuable and important asset for living. It led to the creation and development of residences to meet our needs and those who live together with us perfectly because we believed that “Women are pleased, Men are happy”.

No matter you are a woman or a man, you must receive true convenience and happiness from living in every project of SENA, which conveys and improves the creation through the commercial movie, “MADE FROM HER”. It is based on the attention of women that has been thoroughly considered in every step and all dimensions, such as thinking through the views of customers, studying various consumer behaviors, and collecting information of each group of customers’ living needs. Pain points of consumers who want to buy residences are applied to develop products and services to meet the needs of all consumer groups comprehensively. This becomes the different point that creates uniqueness to the real estate industry. In the previous year, SENA applied the concept of “MADE FROM HER” to the brand and all house and condominium projects, such as Niche ID, Niche Mono, Niche Pride, The Kith, Sena Grand Home, Sena Park Grand, Sena Park Ville, Sena Ville, etc.


In 2019, SENA had continued promoting the MADE FROM HER campaign with a new series of commercials movie, “The Real Developer” ”, created by Monday People Company Limited. This advertising film is conveyed from a thoughtful and attentive thinking process of women and finally becomes the summary of the concept of improving products and services to meet customers’ needs. Other than 2S and 2C, it is as follows; 1.S = HER self (self-confidence is the starting point of everything), 2.S = HER Security (not just safe yet reliable), 3.C = HER Comfort (There are 24 hours a day. If we have to spend most of our time on works and transportation, it is our duty to make every second of the rest excellent), and 4.C = HER Circle (more than living is to share happiness).

In addition, there has been further detailed study and development from the previous year with “MADE FROM HER FUNCTIONS” “, taking all details of living in residences into account and paying attention to the smallest details for the complete and perfect lifestyle under the concept of MADE FROM HER Furniture Functions, which is a part of the function applied to common areas, rooms, and various services. For example


3-Functional Bathroom We don’t want small things to become a big issue in the family. Bathroom is designed by perfectly dividing the room proportion according to usage
5-Degree Slope of Backrest Most people like to sit and play their mobile phones or IPAD on the bed before bedtime. We therefore design the backrests with the most ideal degrees of slope
Awning Frame Good and healthy life derives from 3 things, which are diet, exercise, and deep sleep. The awning frame is designed to make you sleep without disturbance
Lady parkingEvery lady feels comfortable with a non- overlapping car parking space with CCTV for safety

However, under the concept of “MADE FROM HER FUNCTIONS” SENA has applied it to 8 new projects on potential locations near BTS and MRT lines.


Get ready to meet special deals of the year at “MADE FROM HER DAY, Bring Her to Good Deals” event. Pay only 999 Baht for the booking and get a full amount of loans, free transfer fee, and Samsung Galaxy Note 10 with over 20 ready-to-move-in projects from this September 26 to October 20 at the sales office of projects. For more information,