"Better Details bring greater Comfort"

SENA Development (Public) Company Limited is under the management of Asst. Prof. Dr. Kessara Thanyalakpark with the beginning of the Made From Her campaign in 2018, focusing on every detail of life from the concept of women concept. Since residences … are something that when we choose and decide to buy it with a large sum of money, every detail of living in such residence is important. What we want the most is to live happily in a long term in our chosen residence, which must meet our needs and those who live with us. It is like the phrase, “Women are pleased, Men are happy”.

In 2019, SENA continued operating the Made From Her campaign by improving residences. It applies the advantages of women who are always attentive, delicate, and careful, especially in matters that are important to life, to the creation and development of residences in order to meet the needs of everyone perfectly. It means that no matter you are a woman or a man, you will be offered the true comfort, satisfaction, and happiness by living in residences of all SENA projects. It is like the phrase, “Women are pleased, Men are happy”.

Then in 2020, Sena continues to emphasize the Made From Her concept direct through communication under the slogan “Better Details bring greater Comfort” This time, Dr. Yui has talked about the origin of the concept and the working process of Sena under the concept “Made From Her”, is a feminine resolution. In every work process has been dedicated to make a difference in Sena’s products and services.

Because Sena believes in “Attention to details will help us deliver the best for our customers.”

Made From Her Functions

As every detail of living in a residence is important, SENA pays attention to the smallest details for the most perfect living under the Made From Her Furnitures Functions

3-functional bathroom

No more problems of using the bathroom at the same time in a rush hour. SENA designs the bathroom by perfectly dividing the room proportion according to usage.

5-degree slope of backrest

Most people like to sit and play their mobile phones or IPAD on the bed before bedtime. We therefore provide the slope of backrests with the most ideal degrees.

Awning frame

The morning sunshine always wakes you up. The awning frame is designed to make you sleep without disturbance.


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