SENA Brand : Geo fit+

Geo is the well-known residential condominium brand of Hankyu Hanshin Properties Corp. one of Japan’s most trusted real estate companies.

Apart from the high standards in providing comfort, convenience, safety and stylish design, Geo is also famous for its geo fit+ program which places high importance to the residents’ opinions and suggestions to constantly improve its facilities and services.

The geo fit+ process starts with collecting the residents’ opinions and suggestions on how to improve everyday life comfort, convenience, safety and best use of space. The ideas are then developed into product prototypes, tested by the residents and customers in the geo fit+ Lab and eventually installed to serve the residents.

SENA Development PCL takes great pride to have an opportunity to bring the latest real estate innovation under the geo fit+ concept from Hankyu Realty Co.,Ltd. to Thailand. Our residents’ utmost satisfaction is always our goal.

When we pay attention to the residents’ comforts in all dimensions

The geo fit+ designs answer to the residents’ needs in 4 aspects

Standard quality for everyday living

Being environmental-friendly

Safety for all ages

Disaster risks reduction measures

geo fit+ is an on-going process to collect feedbacks from residents in order to improve the residents’ comfort, convenience and safety. The process starts with collecting the opinions and suggestions from the residents and customers. This is followed by prototype designs and usability testing in our geo fit+ Lab which simulates real living space. The prototypes are tested by residents and customers of different ages for feedbacks, developed into products, and eventually installed for the residents. Then the same process starts again because we firmly believe that the best home is one that best serves the residents’ needs.

geo fit+ derives from a firm belief that it is not enough just to build a place to live. When the residents’ voices are heeded, improvements continue. When the residents’ opinions are respected, it is when a dwelling turns into a home.



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