“SENA Hankyu Hanshin” Shows New Form of Premium Condominium Brand, Co-ordinating with “ONYX Hospitality Group” to Enhance Hotel Level Service


Sena Hankyu Hanshin penetrates the high-end market and creates a premium condominium brand, coordinating with ONYX Hospitality Group to enhance its strength of the 5-star hotel services. Recently, it prepares to form a professional juristic person team, “Elite Residence”, to support high-end customers, take care of corporate, and provide exclusive services beyond the standard in the future.

Asst. Prof. Dr. Kessara Thanyalakphak, the Director of Sena Hankyu Hanshin Joint Company, revealed that SENA Hankyu planned to expand the premium segment market this year and next year by aiming the development of products and services to meet the needs of high-end customers having high purchasing power and requiring quality and unique products, and to respond the lifestyle of superior living. Customers would feel special that they could own products easily. It would also increase the market value of investment for future residents.

Recently, SENA Hankyu Hanshin has cooperated with a professional partner, ONYX Hospitality Group, one of the leading hotel management companies, managed by a management team with expertise in the hotel industry from various countries. Currently, there are many hotels and service apartment managed by this Group, including Oriental Residence Bangkok, hotels under the Amari brand, and other affiliated hotels. It becomes the business partner to help create a standard of hotel level service for SENA’s premium condominiums. SENA is confident that having a good quality team to take care of various services will create reliability and trust in the service with 5-star hotel service standards, which are normally found in condominiums with super luxury level only, to customers who buy “PITI” Project. It is considered the first premium condominium that provides luxury services.

Regarding luxury services, it is an integrated service with hotel level standard along with 24-hour services provided to residents in the project. Services include 24-hour reception, 24-hour concierge, housekeeping, bellboy, and doorman service. Such services are like a full service in a 5-star hotel. In addition, residents can also use other extra services, such as Call Limousine, Spa Treatment Reservation, Private Chef, etc

However, with the intention of delivering excellent and quality services, SENA Company established Elite Residence Company Limited (Elite Residence), which is an affiliate of SENA Development, in order to provide corporate services to the Company’s premium projects. The team has been dispatched to attend the study tour and trainings from professionals, such as ONYX Hospitality Group, in order to focus on developing skills and knowledge and enhancing capabilities of the team to be professional according to 5-star hotel standards.

Mr. Kazumasa Oji, the senior general manager of Hankyu Hanshin Properties Corp., said that, for the hotel business, it was another main business of Hankyu Hanshin Holdings Group, which was considered that we had expertise in this business. Currently, there were a total of 46 hotels, including 18 directly managed hotels and 28 franchises with over 10,424 rooms. Most of the hotels were located in downtown of Osaka, Tokyo and other cities in vicinity areas. In addition, it also managed Ritz-Carlton Osaka, which was in the group of the international luxury hotel. In the future, the Company Group planned to continuously expand the hotel.

“We are very pleased that the Sena Hankyu Hanshin projects will apply the “Luxury Service” for hotels to the premium brand condominiums. It is estimated that this will help promote the real estate business and customers will truly receive benefits from accessing to hotel level services. It is another important step of SENA Hankyu Hanshin to provide good quality products and services to customers for current and future projects as well”

Mr. Douglas Martell, the President and CEO of ONYX Hospitality Group, said that, “ONYX Hospitality Group had long-term experiences in hotel management and was also one of the fastest expanding companies in Asia Pacific region. Currently, it managed more than 50 affiliated hotels in 8 countries and about 30 projects were developing under the brands of Amari, Shama, and OZO. The cooperation between ONYX Hospitality Group and SENA Hankyu Hanshin at this time was the beginning of a long-term business alliance and also provided opportunities for collaboration of hotel and service apartment in our Group and housing projects of SENA Hankyu Hanshin in the future.