SENA New Design-Function “SENA 360”, the only application you need for everything about residences

SENA the leader of innovation for homeowners reinvents the application, “New Design- New Function” – the only application you’ll need for everything about residences and services with “SENA 360”, helping users get serviced with a single click, making lives easier. Ready to team up with a variety of partners in order to elevate online shopping experience, health services, maintenance services, exclu-sively for Sena homeowners.

Asst. Prof. Dr. Kessara Thanyalakphak, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, SENA Development Company Limited(Public) said that nowadays consumers who are looking for homes or in between making a buying decision will come with expectations in various areas such as the safety of life and assets, quality of environment and community, as well as management systems within the project, therefore Sena has developed the “SENA 360 Service” application to meet the needs of the consumers from the first day they walked through the door until the day they decide to buy the house and become a part of Sena family. Originating from this concept, Sena has continued to reinvent the application in order to maximize its efficiency, such as SENA WeCare 24-hour online repair service, Acute Realty, depositary, sales- rent and online payment service for maintenance and water via
application that makes life more convenient for homeowners, worry-free about overdue payment dates and SENA Solar where the homeowners can check the solar power usage via their mobile application.

Previously, the company has developed New Design – New Function in order to meet the need of the customers in all facets of daily live, in order to meet the needs of customer and renaming the application “SENA 360”. This application is developed with special care from the company towards valued home-owners. Investigating all the consumer
needs about residences in order to improve in all aspects and detail, adhering to the company’s unique concept of the feminine attention to detail (Made From Her).

The New Design have been reinvented with a modern look for the ease of use and to meet the variety of usage behavior. New Function is divided into 5 parts:

1. Security – Emphasis on the safety of home-owners, including Home Automation, connected to the application which takes care of IOT within homes/condo, such as turning the air-conditioner ON-OFF, Pre-Register for future visits where they can change the setting to Do Not Disturb in order to avoid any visit to their residence, Call to Juristic can be made along with family members in case of emergencies.

2. Eco System – Monitor clean energy usage to help the environment at home and in common areas, Waste Management (Recycle Day) homeowners can make an appointment to sell recyclable waste in order to gain points through the app.

3. Community – Activities within the community and society of sharing, sCalendar, private calendar, helping keep track of appointments regarding the house, such as air-conditioner cleaning day, curtain installation as well as var-ious activities taking place within the project. Chat Victory – instant messaging pro-gram with the Juristic person of the project. Borrow Tools Victory, a lend-return system for stuff from the juristic person.

4. 360 Living Services – All round residence service with the partner ShopAt24, online shopping, Fixzy a complete and professional home services and LILUNA, application that shares traveling costs, encouraging people to share their rides.

5. Health Related – health services from Samitivej and Rama 9 Hospital.

This is the first time ever for offering maximum privileges and services to meet all the needs of homeowners, in order to make life easier for all homeowners living in all of the projects by SENA.

SENA 360 Application can be downloaded today via both IOS and Android. For more information, call 1775.