Tips for Investors

Tips for Investor

Real Estate in Thailand… a paradise for foreign investors

Thailand is the place where foreign investors from all over the world are always keeping an eye on for investment in real estate, for living, investing, trading and renting. The benefits for foreign investors to invest in Thailand are as follows:

Easy to get around

Traveling in Bangkok and metropolitan areas has connected electrical train networks with plans to extend to the rural areas, including the expansion of transport systems, Bangsue central station and high-speed trains.

Rising real estate prices every year

The real estate market in Thailand continues to grow rapidly, as the prices of real estate properties, especially on prime locations in the CBD, Sukhumvit, Silom, Sathorn, continue to rise. The valuation price has risen from the past and is highly likely to continue to rise in the future and investors see this opportunity to profit from real estate in Thailand.

High return

High return here is referring to the return in rents of some projects or some projects; as much as 7-10% guarantee return on investment for buyers over 3-10 years which is a great marketing strategy as the buyer will reap maximum benefit without needing to worry about finding customers to rent, or in cases where the real estate is bought without any guarantee on return but can be managed by agencies to find rentees.

The laws and regulations are beneficial to foreigners

The Thai laws gives the right for foreigners to own 49% of the condominium, or if the foreigner owns more than the percentage specified, they can set up as a Thai company under a juristic person, which is another reason to attract foreign investors to buy real estate in Thailand.

Great weather

Thai weather is warm all year round which is the reason why foreigners love to visit Thailand. The geographical features for Thailand include sea, mountains making it the ideal destination to relax and wind down, especially in Pattaya, Phuket, Chiang Mai, and Hua Hin, etc.

Low cost of living

with an abundance of resources. Foreigners perceive Thailand as an ideal place to live in with all the facilities needed while the cost of living is low when compared to other countries. Not to mention the delicious food, and variety of fruits available.

Real Estate buying tips for foreign investors

Buying real estate whether for investment, renting or trading, follow these recommendations for better decision making and minimize the risk of investing:

1. Always calculate the return on rent before investing

In case you plan to buy to make profit from renting, always compare the return on rent per year with the interest that you will receive from the bank, e.g. 12 months fixed deposit and gather more information about the price of real estate in the same location in addition before you compare to find out which option is the more profitable one. Please note that apart from the selling price, there will also be other expenses such as interior decorations and common fees. Therefore, all costs must be considered before making the decision to invest. In addition, you will need to further research the return on rent, resell and choosing the best location for the room to maximize the chance of finding a rentee.

2. Visit the location

Location is a very important factor especially in cases where owners would like to resell. Before making the decision, one must be sure that the real estate about to be bought is situated on a great location and the valuation is likely to keep growing in the future as that means the real estate that you have invested in will also grow in value. The trend of cost appraisal can be checked from the treasury department. The other way is to look at the public transport available or about to be built in that area, such as BTS and MRT. Busy shops are also a good sign for investing near that location.

3. Evaluate the quality of the real estate project

Apart from the location factor, the quality of the project is important, the credibility of the developer and facilities of the real estate property is what the investor should pay attention to. A great real estate property must have the facilities that meet the needs and lifestyle of the customers, such as security systems, fitting environment, etc. It is very common to see many real estate developers today, especially condominiums emphasizing the common area in advertisements and public relations, including swimming pools, library, fitness, green space, in order to attract customers and investors.
We can now see that there are many options and factors to take into consideration in order to make the most out of your real estate investment. The knowledge of the asset that you are planning to invest in is not only beneficial for real estate investment but in all types of investment.


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