“PITI Sukhumvit 101”, Premium Condominium along with “Elite Service” Provided by “SENA”

New series of commercial movie  “The  Real  Developer”  has been recently released to emphasize the real image in the MADE FROM HER campaign with the slogan “Women are pleased, Men are happy” SENA Development (Public) Company Limited, led by the female CEO, “Dr. Yui” Asst. Prof. Dr. Kessara Thanyalakphak. the Deputy Chief Executive Officer, moves forward to promote its strength and difference, emphasizing that residences from SENA are not only situated on potential locations, but SENA also develops products and services based on the attention to details of women who do not overlook small things because they are important. Such attention to detail is applied to fulfill houses and condominiums to be a place of happiness for the comfort of residents. Plus, 8 new projects are developed with good locations next to BTS and MRT
Many projects are created from the attention to residents’ happiness in SENA style, increasing the exclusive care with the premium segment project from “SENA Hankyu Hanshin”. It launches the premium condominium next to BTS and MRT, namely, “PITI Sukhumvit 101”  ”, the condominium responding to the “joyful” life like its project name  “PITI” which means “Joy” The project will make your condominium become a true private retreat. In addition, you will discover Work-Life Balance in a superior Smart Residence with Elite Service. Asst. Prof. Dr. Kessara Thanyalakphak, the Deputy Chief Executive Officer of SENA Development (Public) Company Limited revealed that  PIITI Sukhumvit 101 was a high-rise 19-floor condominium in the LOFT styles on an area of 1-0-97 Rai that provided premiums, such as outstanding design, privacy, full functions and facilities, happy life and special Elite Services In addition, SENA also provided the care of the Elite residence team with an aim to upgrade the corporate services for premium projects. If the requirement of your condominium is Private Living this is the right answer.


PITI Sukhumvit 101 Only 168 condominium units are available in PITI Sukhumvit 101. It is designed in a Loft style with 4.2-meter high ceilings, proportionate additional space with mezzanine floor, and a panoramic view. There are 4 types available as follows

1 bedroom (Simplex) with an area of 33-33.5 sq.m.
1 bedroom (Loft) with an area of 26-34 sq.m.
2 bedrooms (Loft) with an area of 49-52.5 sq.m.
3 bedrooms (Loft) with an area of 68.5 sq.m.

Providing privacy with the Single Corridor, each floor is designed to have only one side of residences. There are only 4-13 units per floor and it is the only high-rise building in this area that emphasizes privacy.

The Active Pavilion Fitness Club is separated from the residential area. It is a 2-storey building with unique design. It is located separately in order to avoid creating disturbances to relaxation of all residents for their maximum privacy in all units. There is a swimming pool, a beautiful park, and a rooftop exercise area that are designed to meet the chill-out relaxation.


Providing full premium functions with 4 Smart Solution
Smart Living Smart Living that pays attention to convenience and safety, live smartly with the push-button control system for your room’s appliances through an application on your smartphone, pay attention to safety with Motion Sensor, the sensor light system, operated immediately when you move from the mezzanine floor for safety while descending the stairs, 3-functional toilet under the concept of MADE FROM HER for the simultaneous use in all routines, focus on details with intelligent basin, a gelcoat basin for eliminating the problem of deep and tough stains, making the bathroom look beautiful at all times, feel more special with Hybrid Engineered Flooring, the High Density Fiberboard (HDF) with high density, water resistance, low shrink rate, scratch resistance, small and smooth floor joints with patterns and textures similar to real wood, plus specially designed premium furniture
Smart Facilities  with Auto Parking, supporting 92 cars, and 1 EV Charger Parking
Smart Security has Smart Digital Door Lock, the multi-level lock, with 6 systems, such as finger print scan, key card, application, etc., with QR Scan installed for visitors, plus elevators with access control to particular floors
Smart Service with 24-Hour SENA WE CARE and 360° SENA Application

“PITI” with Exclusive Services Just stepping into PITI Sukhumvit 101 Condominium, you will immediately feel relaxed with the 5-star hotel standards that are provided to all residents, including 24-hour Reception, Concierge, Bellboy, Doorman, Fitness trainer, Delivery service, and Pool towels. These are the Elite Services provided by the Project. In addition, feeling more elite with extra services, such as room spa, private chef, catering arrangement, BBQ party, car and air ticket reservation, or even personal trainers, are also available in order to make PITI Sukhumvit 101 Condominium become a residence for relaxation in true elite lifestyle.
Develop a professional team to support Elite Services for premium condominium   SENA Development (Public) Company Limited not only develops residences, but also personnel to provide superior corporate services that support Elite Services. As a result, Elite Service Property Management Company Limited is established to develop personnel with expertise in corporate services in order to upgrade service standards to the elite level. Personnel has been dispatched to attend the study tour, trainings, and skills development from professionals in the hotel industry, creating an “Elite Service Residence” team to support SENA’s premium projects Sample room is available today for experiencing the premiums from SENA

at the sales office of PITI Sukhumvit 101 Condominium Project. Prices start from 4.9 million Baht. For more information, call 1775 # 88.